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Celebratory Dinner at the Dunns River Lounge in Rockville Centre, Long Island

Celebratory dinner featuring QC Duo – Reginald D. Wills and Sujen Wu Wu – with Dr. Kate Pechenkina (dean of the School of Social Sciences and the School of Business)  and  Zavi Gunn (director of the Center for Career Engagement and Internships)…

Afrika’s Struggle’s Team – Reginald D. Wills and Sujen Wu Wu – Came in First Place (10K USD) in an Illustrious Nationwide Competition

My team – Reginald D. Wills and Sujen Wu Wu – came in first place (10K USD) in an illustrious competition nationwide.

Queens College and CUNY are now on the map!


Afrika’s Struggle Celebrates Birthday with Former Students

Former students (some now working at Goldman Sachs and Deloitte) took me out to Lagos Restaurant – a high-end Nigerian restaurant in Times Square – for my birthday.

Afrika’s Struggle and not so Sticky Prices

Wining and dining with former students and colleagues in Manhattan:

Petite Filet Mignon – 58 USD

A Side Dish of Sautéed Spinach – 12 USD

A Glass of Wine – 17 USD

Hanging Out with Friends – Priceless