Afrika’s Struggle: From the Middle Passage to the New York Yacht Club

Last night, I was invited to the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation Anchor Awards 2018 hosted in the New York Yacht Club (former home of Cornelius Vanderbilt).

The nominees were Michael Bayley (President and CEO, Royal Caribbean International), Roland Malins-Smith, LLD Hon (Founder and Retired President, Seafreight Line Ltd.), and Rick Murrell (SVP, Managing Director, Saltchuck Resources  & Chairman, Tropical Shipping).

In attendance were ministers, ambassadors, other dignitaries, captains (pun intended) of industry and others.

Special thanks to student volunteers (meet and greet ambassadors) from Queens College – CUNY and from Columbia University.

Jamaican Minister of Transport and Mining

Jamaican Prime Minister’s Mother

Queens College – CUNY’s Students and a Board of Director

Jamaican Prime Minister’s Sister, Mother and a CUNY Corporate Exec




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