Afrika’s Struggle Visiting Chicago

You can only see the picture/art in a photograph, not with your naked eyes.

Getting a tour of a 3 D/engineering lab in Chicago with a group of faculty, engineers, and entrepreneurs…courtesy of Rocket Scientist Gregor Currence

Rocket Scientist Gregor Currence

Karl sipping on Jamaica Loca

Rocket Scientist Gregor Currence, Karl and a South African-American Socialite

Believe it or not, I did not eat the potatoes. The pancakes were made with whole blue berries and whole cashew nuts.


Former Miss Jamaica Illinois patronizing my book


I was at the Michael Jordan Restaurant enjoying the legendary Kobe steak. Yes, it is medium rare….. 4 ounces for 41 USD

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  • The story takes a fictional character (Afrika), and walks him through real historical events during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, from slavery to abolition. It is an interesting read and connects the dots of much of the West Indian history we learn in school, with other historical events of that era around the world – including the French, American, English, and Haitian Revolutions. Very cleverly written, immersing the main character and hero Afrika in world events of that period. An excellent literature/history book for schools, and a must-read for history buffs and lovers of novels filled with adventure and intrigue. Hope it makes it to the big screen.

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