Afrika’s Struggle Visits Columbia Business School (PhD in Business Program)

The world-renowned Chicago native, Dr. Katherine Phillips is the Reuben Mark Professor of Organizational Character
(Management) at the Columbia Business School. Dr. K. W. Phillips is the first African American female to earn a Ph.D. in Business at Stanford University. She generously participates in the Ph.D. Project Program.

Ashli is a Management Ph.D. Candidate (approaching her final year) at Columbia Business School (CBS). She completed her undergraduate studies at Stanford University. Ashli is not a Jamaican but Jamaica is her second home. She became involved with the Ph.D. Project during her tenure at CBS.

Dana is a CPA. She is a Ph.D. Project Fellow. Dana is making a transition from a seasoned accountant (Big Four) to becoming a business professor. Big bucks versus quality of life are always the internal debate.

Hubert – a former student – is currently doing a double major in computer science and finance. He wants to pursue a graduate degree at Columbia University. Hubert is an A+ student.


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