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From Jamaica to America, Karl’s Contribution to the American Landscape….

I wish to thank Mayor Wayne J. Hall, the Board of Trustees, and Jenise C. Richardson – Assistant to the Mayor and Director of Publicity – for selecting me as one of the Honorees in their Annual Caribbean American History Month program. The 2016 event’s theme is “contribution to the American landscape.” The event was held in the Incorporated Village of Hempstead, Long Island, on June 20, 2016.

In the interim, you may refer to the pictures below…. Videos and additional pictures of the event will be posted in the near future.


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Karl A. Mitchell’s Live Radio Interview On Power 102.1 FM

On April 20, 2016, I promoted Afrika’s Struggle: His Experiential Journey during a live radio interview on Power 102.1 FM. The interview was superbly done with the astute assistance of the interviewer, Wayne L. Hall, who set the right tone throughout the interview.

The Wayne Hall Show’s past guests included but not limited to Jah Cure, Bunny Wailer and many other illustrious superstars, living legends and icons.

The audio clip will be added soon….

Karl On Panel Discussion Moderated By Dr. Fiona Vernal (UConn Department of History) II

My time in Hartford, Connecticut, on Sunday, was time well spent.

The Queen Nanny: Legendary Maroon Chieftainess film was very informative as it pertains to the legendary Queen, the Maroons and the Jamaican indomitable spirit.

The panel discussion was made very interesting with great questions and comments coming from an active and a vocal audience (including a Yale University alumni – A.B. and a Yale University administrator). By the way, my fellow participant – an author and a professor – on the panel discussion informed me that she was once my high school teacher. It is indeed a small world.

I wish to thank the event’s organizers, my family and friends and audience members for a very good event.


Karl’s New Book On Display At Queens College – CUNY

Last week Wednesday, I presented my new book, Afrika’s Struggle: His Experiential Journey to faculty and students at Queens College – CUNY. The attendees glowingly praised the presentation and the Q & A session was highly interactive.

Currently, my book is on display (see pictures below) at Queens College – CUNY.

And one more thing, I will be in on a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Fiona Vernal (Uconn Department of History) on February 28, 2016.