Welcome to my blog page!

Be sure to visit this page, in the future, for my upcoming blogs on pertinent subject areas.

For example, I’ll be writing about the African burial ground discovered in East Harlem. Interestingly, it follows the discovery of another African burial ground on Wall Street. Both discoveries allow the revision of the historical record to reflect slavery in New York via a clearer prism.

Speaking of Wall Street, I will be critiquing The New School for Social Research Professor Julia Ott’s groundbreaking essay, Slaves: The Capital that Made Capitalism on this blog, also.

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  • Will this blog page facilitates questions and answers on any issues that you may have written or discussed? Will there be feedback on important issues that are discussed?

    • What is the outcome of the latest Harvard business discussion Re: Afrika’s Struggle?
      Will you be posting highlights of that event?

  • Thank you for reporting such detail and excitatory episodes of Harvard’s Events/Afrika’s Struggles..
    Congratulations for all the support that you received…Again…Great Job! It seems like you really
    experienced some thrilling moments….

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