Afrika’s Struggle Does South Beach

Last Friday evening, by a special invitation, I met with prospective investors for my upcoming film project based on Afrika’s Struggle: His Experiential Journey at a mayoral event. On Saturday, I hosted a book signing and I wish to thank everyone who patronized my book. Yesterday, I returned home – NY.

Taking my talent to South Beach – meeting with prospective investors for my film project and hosting a book signing the next day

Miami-Dade Public Library System (and one of my patrons is working on getting my book into Broward County Public Library System, also)

Hanging out with the head honcho of

As a PADI certified rescue diver, I am off to the open ocean. Sharks will be saying that’s not a man – that’s one of us – another shark.

A director of finance for a non-profit organization, sits on a couple of non-profit boards and an owner of a bakery in Miami

A world renowned sportswriter with the Miami Herald

Lunch – Colombian cuisine – in South Beach

I came, I saw, bye South Beach, back to NY!


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  • Hi Karl. I have finished reading your book. Interesting. I don’t know a lot of historic detail, but could relate to the names and events that were mentioned. It is a heroic story and probably could be enlarged into screenplay and movie( I am a dreamer), but of course it would need more detail etc. Was interesting to note that with the historic theme, there is so much murder on one hand, and attention to religion and spiritual practice on the other. This type of book should appear at the Calabash, Talking Trees, and Book Industry of Jamaica festivals and would interest university students of history. Lots of Jamaican authors these days sending their books. I notice that you don’t have any publisher nor author contact information. …..When I read the first chapter, there were so many names and a lot to take in, but it set the stage for the story and the rest of the book was an easy read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and yourself . Best wishes with this and other books to come.

  • Your book should be required reading in every school .. every young mind should be exposed to Afrika’s Struggle ..

    Our exposure to the middle passage in school (in my day) was confined to West Indian history .. your book takes the reader on Afrika’s journey, and teaches history along the way.

    The history books I studied tended to start the story of the slave trade from the point of capture, through the middle passage, and onwards. Your book paints a vivid picture of the political structure and strife within the African tribes of that era.
    I’m loving it. Taking my time and reading it. Still on chapter 5, and wish I could teef off work tomorrow again to continue the journey with Afrika.

    P.S. .. Afrika

    P.P.S. .. was gushing so much about the history (cuz I’m a history buff), I forgot to say – love the plot ..

  • Today, I took excerpts from your book to recap my lesson in social studies on the slave trade. I was able to also show my students an illustration of the announcement of the arrival of the slave cargo on page 45 of your book. I spoke briefly about the author of the book and they were quite interested to know that someone else wrote about what they were learning. They were even more fascinated to know that this book lines up with their school’s textbook. It is factual. Personally, I can’t wait to see the movie!
    – Lorraine (a teacher at a primary school in Jamaica)

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