An Eventful Day (Additional Photos)

Today, I met with my prospective agent to discuss adapting my book to film (i.e., TV series). (I’m not yet signed….) I received some great and constructive feedback going forward. It is very promising….

Later, I decided to see Oliver Stone’s Snowden. It is a great film in spite of what the critics wrote about it. You have to wonder if the critics are guided by “some agenda” or they are afraid the NSA, or CIA, or if another alphabet soup agency might target them (i.e., “Russian hackers” hacking their private emails). Anyway, the online viewers/commentators who saw it gave it high marks and I do, too. By the way,  Snowden was sold out in spite of the critics’.

That said, I didn’t complete watching the movie because the theater (AMC Times Square) filled with smoke from a fire caused by an “alleged” popcorn making machine explosion on one of the floors. So the whole theater was evacuated with NYFD and NYPD all over the place; water hoses and ladders playing a board game of “snakes and ladders” on the façade of the building. Outside of the theater, an NYPD officer told me that there are an ongoing series of explosions throughout Manhattan and in NJ.

In the end, a manager gave me four movie tickets (for any future movie at any location) for my experience.

It was indeed an “experiential journey.”










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  • I am happy to hear you are alright! It seems you’ve worked up an appetite after that experience. Must see Snowden story seems interesting. My Sincere Thoughts – Theresa

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