Get Ready for the Birth of Afrika on Film

Last night, I watched The Birth of a Nation at AMC Fresh Meadows. Yes, I was seated in the recliner chairs, again. As for the movie, based on a true story, I recommend it. The critics gave it a decent rating, also.

Back to the theater, I was checking around on the full house. And it brought to mind, the anecdote of a businessman who went into a restaurant commenting that it would be a good investment to purchase the restaurant. In turn, his dinner guest inquired if it was because the food raptured his taste-buds to a gustatory nirvana? The businessman replied – to the contrary – his eyes instead were feasting on the restaurant’s full house.

I am tirelessly working for the adaption of Afrika’s Struggle: His Experiential Journey to film. I look forward to checking around on the full house viewing that movie – the birth of Afrika on film.

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