Congratulations Are In Order….

Congratulations are in order for the Hon. Andrew Holness on being elected the new prime minister of Jamaica. Mr. Holness is the youngest elected prime minister in Jamaica’s history.

As a disclaimer, Mr. Prime Minister attended my alma mater where he was a year behind me. His wife – Jamaica’s first lady and a minister of parliament – attended my alma mater, also.

On a personal note, I trust that the Prime Minister-elect will eventually get around to reading his autographed copy of  Afrika’s Struggle: His Experiential Journey now that the elections are over….
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  • Excellent, it is good that you personally know the PM. It is even better that, being your junior,
    he is able to excel in life and become the calibre of person that he is now, making history, and you are a witness to it…
    Congratulations, Honourable Andrew Holness; A mark of distinction..
    If he went to UWI, then maybe, he is my alumni..Need to check this out though..

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