Queens College – CUNY Stands Behind the Save Our Boys and Girls Foundation

Queens College – CUNY Stands Behind the Save Our Boys and Girls Foundation

On Thursday November 10th, Professor Karl A. Mitchell and twelve of his students joined The Most Honorable Juliet Holness, a Member of Jamaica’s Parliament and wife of the Prime Minister, in Midtown Manhattan as she celebrated the launch of the Save Our Boys and Girls Foundation.

“I lecture on networking and its importance, and this event gave my students the opportunity to gain exposure and interact with leaders from another country,” said Prof. Mitchell.



Queens College Professor Karl A. Mitchell introducing students to distinguished leaders

David Gutenmacher, photographer for the Knight News

Prof. Mitchell’s business communication and writing class introduces students to the role communication and self-presentation have in the world of business. Out in the field, the ability to present yourself and your ideas in a professional way is essential.

“Professor Mitchell’s classes really introduced me to the art of presentation and I believe that it’s an important skill for anyone looking to go into business,” said Joshua Lichtman, a senior majoring in international business administration and economics.

The Save Our Boys and Girls Foundation was created to provide opportunities for underserved Jamaican youth, ages 6-18, by exposing them to computer technology and robotics.  Hon. Holness is the M.P. from St. Andrews, Rural East and this issue is dear to her heart. She is known for being exceedingly generous and a fighter for Jamaica’s poor.

“I believe in this cause, some of the primary schools in rural areas have outdoor toilets,” said Prof. Mitchell. “Jamaica is well-known in the world of sprinting, music (reggae) and civil rights. For example, there is Usain Bolt in sprinting; Bob Marley in reggae; Marcus Garvey in civil rights, and there is no reason why there should not be a Jamaican [Mark] Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. The focus right now is making the funds available to make that possible.”


Professor Karl A. Mitchell and The Most Honorable Juliet Holness

David Gutenmacher, photographer for the Knight News

Prof. Mitchell’s recently published work, Afrika’s Struggle: His Experiential Journey, was featured at the event. The book tells the story of Afrika and his journey from enslavement to freedom and the appreciation for learning he gains along the way. It is a work of historical fiction that takes readers through the turmoil of the American, French, and Haitian revolutions.

Students were grateful for the opportunity to meet with world leaders in an intimate setting while getting a chance to see their professor out of the classroom and in the real world; an experience that is as rare, as it is valuable.

“A lot of what applied to class can be applied to this event. We got real world exposure and the opportunity to interact with distinguished world leaders; it was an unbelievable experience,” said Max Fruchter, a junior majoring in finance and in economics.


Professor Mitchell and Students with Trudy Deans, Consul General of Jamaica, and The Most Honorable Juliet Holness

David Gutenmacher, photographer for the Knight News

The launch of Save Our Boys and Girls is surely the beginning of a beautiful, prosperous relationship between Queens College – CUNY and the Jamaican youth. In a world where helping others and building global relationships are critical, Prof. Mitchell and his students have proved Queens College stands at the fore.

Written by Aryeh Gelfand, Freelance Reporter







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  • I can’t applaud you enough for giving your students this favourable time of their lives to meet with our very own, the prime minister of Jamaica’s wife Mrs Juliet Holness – brilliant job. I think it is a superb collaboration, for her and Queens College-CUNY wanting to work heart and hands to help empower underserved young boys and girls who are from Jamaica. Getting them engaging in computer technology and robotics will have them going a far way in life. I can tell that the visit had clearly enlivened everyone by just looking at the pictures posted. Also I will concur with you Professor Mitchell for stating that we do need Jamaicans Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates to add more colour to our well known list of celebrities.

    Good luck to you on your recently published book, Afrika’s Struggle: His Experiential Journey- a very inspiring, liberated soul searching book and keep on exposing your students into such great learning environment.

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