Two Former Students Paid Me A Surprise Visit

Yesterday, two former students – student-athletes – paid me a surprise visit.

The first student is anonymous because he is very modest. Additionally, he wishes not to appear braggadocious in a public forum. Nonetheless, I received his permission to announce his achievements without naming him.

That said, yesterday, he informed me that he received acceptance letters from Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and from Harvard Business School (MBA program).

He chose Harvard over Oxford.

Oxford University accepts him for the 2017 Fall semester. However, Harvard Business School requires that he has two full years of work experience before he joins its MBA program for the 2019 Fall semester.

Last Fall, he studied – self-study – for two weeks before sitting for the GMAT exam. He scored 750 on his first attempt.

He is very excited as I am proud of him as it pertains to his graduate school prospects. And I am very happy to have provided him with letters of recommendation during his application process, last year. The second student, George Vermenton, surprised me with a visit by requesting my autograph on his print copy of my book, Afrika’s Struggle: His Experiential Journey.

Mr. Vermenton received an “A+” in two of my courses – macroeconomics and business communication.

Today, Mr. Vermenton is an advertising operations associate with He was formerly with the New York Times.

Let’s congratulate both young men as they travel along on their experiential journey.



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